Friday 5 August 2016

Lately everybody has been decorating their social profile feeds with interesting artsy pictures filtered with Prisma photo editor. The latest AI/Neural networks integrated photo app is the world’s current obsession because of its amazing filters that turns dull pictures into timeless pieces of art. Prisma is a huge phenomenon with millions of iOS and Android downloads post its launch in June 2016.

The craze-of-the-moment photo filter is soon getting upgraded to video support by the Mobile App Developers at Prisma labs and there are talks of 360-degree immersive version as well. Our team at KAAVAY, Goa tried our hands on Prisma to pay homage to the heroes who gave birth to possibilities only space can measure.

1. Inventor of the world’s first Social Media: Samuel Morse
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After Samuel Morse created the first telegraph, things haven’t been the same for good. He created a revolution that provided people to communicate distantly at speed. The concept of encoding information was the basis for the digital era that would arrive later.

The telegraph then evolved to telephone, radio phones, smart phones, websites, social networking sites and countless others.

2. Alan Turing-Father of modern computer:
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The computer scientist, mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and theoretical biologist came up with the first ever theory of software called the Turing machine. The sheer magnitude of his genius shaped the world wondrously but he perished too soon unaware of the magic he spread to the world.

Most of us know of his heroic act of helping the Allied forces to end the World War II only after watching the movie “The Imitation Game” loosely based on his life.

3. World Wide Web architect –Tim Berners Lee
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The computer scientist who invented the world’s revolutionary internet is an inspiration to billions of people in the world to dream on.

In this generation we don’t want to imagine our lives devoid of internet access. What would we do without it, really?

4. The maker of the first search engine- Alan Emtage
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The computer science scholar created Archie- the first ever search engine as a student at McGill University in Montreal. He wrote a piece of code that kicked off the multi-billion dollar industry but did not patent his work.

The first search engine progressed into Altavista, Yahoo and Google few years later and is constantly being tweaked to get the best possible version.

5. The first mobile phone ever by Martin Cooper
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The first mobile phone made waves in the domain of technology as a symbol of wealth and futurism. The world couldn’t stop talking about the invention that made the globe look small.

At present, Mobile Application Development is seemingly becoming crucial for businesses to reach out to more customers.

The success formula we noted from the Prisma Mobile Application Developers are its innovative filters, simplicity of the interface, social media integration and a unique value which no app has given users so far. This is the reason that in spite of minimum advertisement Prisma has gained explosive hype mostly via social media.

Are you resisting the charm of Prisma or too busy with Pokémon Go? Let us know about your favourite apps that keep you entertained during your dull days. Do comment on our Facebook page -- KAAVAY,Goa.